Epic Sketch

I just wanted to doodle small, and I didn't want
to leave empty white space, so I kept going
and finished two days later. The earbuds are
my favorite.
Let me know if you can come up with a
meaningful story of deep symbolism to
make this piece appear to be of more
of an artistic nature. Have fun!

View from Work

I drew this with my Palm phone using a free program
I downloaded called MoePaint. The subject matter
is something that does not inspire many artists,
but sometimes I just want to draw something.
Port-A-Potty or not.

Fillip the Phrog

This character I have drawn since the 6th grade (1989).
He is a peaceful creature, closely related to the common frog.
He believes himself to be the last of his species. He lives
near a pond, but does not really like to swim. Jumping into
the water is what he really loves to do. Perhaps he just loves
the jumping part, and the water is the option that reduces
his risk of injury.
I drew this in Photoshop CS3.


I was just thinking about how fascinated I used to be with magnets as a child.
That ended when I got interested in computers and digitally stored data.
Now I stay as far as possible from them- especially the large ones.
Josiah wanted me to draw a jet shooting bad guys, but I wasn't in the mood to
illustrate destruction today.

Toy Car

I drew this by request from my son, Josiah.